MIYO Profiplan – planning from the garden irrigation professional!

MIYO Profiplan vom Gartenbewässerungsexperten

Do you never want to think about watering again and always water your beloved plants sustainably and as needed?
But you don't know where and how to start?  
MIYO now has a holistic solution ready for you.

The biggest challenge when planning a professional irrigation system is gathering the necessary knowledge: How do you get started? Which system should you use and in what order is it best to do it? We will happily and competently answer all of these questions for you according to the motto – you have the garden, we have the plan for your irrigation.

MIYO professional plan for your oasis of well-being

Together with our partner, a licensed company in the planning and installation of irrigation systems that has been successful for decades, we offer you the planning of a professional irrigation system for your terrace, your home garden, or a public area.

All we need from you are a few details about your future feel-good paradise. Of course, our professionals need to know which plants you want to water and which directions your open spaces face. It is also important for planning to know where the water connection is and whether a pipe system has already been installed.

It is best to show us these details in a drawing or sketch of your garden that is as accurate as possible, in which you also state the exact dimensions. Ideally, you also have photos of the areas to be watered that you can provide to us.
In order to create a correct plan, specifying the performance of your water pipe is particularly important. To find out, fill a bucket with the tap fully turned on and stop the time until there are 10 liters in the bucket. It's that easy - you already know.

As soon as the free planning on our part has been completed, you decide in the next step whether you want to have MIYO ProfiPlan DIY - the Do It Yourself package for building yourself , or you would prefer to have installation carried out by our professionals with MIYO ProfiPlan Montage.

We look forward to your request. 

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