Spring feelings at MIYO

Frühlingsgefühle bei MIYO

As soon as the first warm rays of sunshine bring nature out of hibernation, it is high time to get your garden and balcony ready for spring. The smart MIYO irrigation system also has spring feelings and is quickly ready for use again. We explain to you how:

After taking an initial inventory in the garden or on the balcony, you have probably already gained a first impression. The best thing to do is to start by removing dead branches and loosening the protective layer of mulch. Weeding will now be very easy and the mulch can be incorporated nicely. However, be careful with any flower bulbs that may have been planted in the fall. The soil then needs some rest so that the important microorganisms can spread again and increase fertility before you plant anything again.

You should also check the beds for frozen plants and lightly press the soil around them. It also doesn't hurt to remove the first weeds and slugs as early as possible. Here are a few special tips for the different requirements of your garden.

Perennial and hedge bed: Once you have removed the withered remains, you can also weed, mulch and trim the perennials generously here, as they continue to grow and become larger over the course of the year. You can also use pruning shears to give the surrounding plants more light and space. Now would also be a good time to replant.

Raised bed: Your raised bed is definitely crying out for work after the frosty months. If the soil has sunk due to decomposition, simply fill the bed with fresh soil. Then loosen the soil with the cultivator and remove old leaves and unwanted weeds. You can then fertilize the raised bed, provided this has not already happened in the fall. If the bed is to be a cold frame, then a cover with black foil or a lid warms the soil. This way you ensure that the soil is well preheated for sowing because the cover stores heat from the sun. If the weather is frost-free, you can safely sow vegetables such as broccoli, leeks, onions, peas or spinach in spring.

Container plants: Oleander, fuchsia, magnolia and the like have probably spent the winter indoors and are already looking forward to the garden or balcony. But before that, you can do them some good by rejuvenating the old shoots, checking them for pests and repotting them in fresh soil. It is important that at the beginning of the fresh air season you only put your potted plants outside during the day and do not expose them to the full sun and cool wind. Until the Ice Saints from May 11th to 15th, they should only get a breath of fresh air during the day and be brought back inside to make them frost-free to rest at night. This way they can show their full splendor in the summer.

Lawn: Don't let the bare appearance in spring scare you and fungal diseases don't matter to you either. Fortunately, since the grasses have their growing point underground, they can sprout again healthily. To make your lawn green and lush, it's best to do nothing and let nature take its course. Of course, you shouldn't neglect proper watering.

MIYO expert tip: A first sowing now ensures beautiful flowers and delicious raw food in your home garden. You can sprinkle vegetable seeds now into the dug and prepared soil. However, pay close attention to the minimum distance between the seeds stated on the packaging and use the best quality potting soil.

MIYOS Spring Awakening

Now it's time to end the winter mode for the valve and floor sensor. If you followed the steps in the operating instructions before winter and put your smart irrigation system into winter mode, then MIYO's components should be stored dry and safely at plus temperatures.

Now we want to give you tips for activating MIYO:

  • The first step is to reconnect the cube and let it run until midnight. We have made some fundamental changes in the last few weeks. Every day at midnight, all cubes affected by the update update themselves fully automatically.
    Alternatively, you can also initiate the update manually. To do this, go to the system settings in the app. There you will find the “Update Cube” button in the garden management. Depending on the scope, the update with all security tests can take up to 30 minutes. So please give the cube time.
  • After the update (or simply the next day), open the MIYO app and end winter mode in the settings of the respective area.
  • Place the devices in the sun for at least a full day to recharge the batteries. A little technical excursion: it takes around 40 hours of sunshine to fully charge the batteries from a low charge level.  
  • Once the devices are charged, stop the magnet as you did during the initial installation and place the devices back in the sun. 
  • This ensures that all devices automatically get the latest updates from the cube and update themselves.
  • As a final step, all you have to do is install the devices, connect the irrigation to the valve and turn on the water supply for the garden. MIYO is ready for use!

All your settings were always saved locally in the cube during the winter months, even without power supply. MIYO will now work again as you set it up last year.

Now you can enjoy spring to the fullest and watch nature blossom, because MIYO supplies the garden and plants - regardless of whether they are hedges, perennials, raised beds or lawns - with water fully automatically and as needed.

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