MIYO Cube – new software release

MIYO Cube – neues Software Release

In the past few months, the Cube software has been completely renewed. With the Cube software version 2.0, all system components are brought up to date. This involves major improvements in terms of performance and stability and the preparation of numerous functional enhancements in the next releases. The new version is 100% compatible with the previous versions of the MIYO Cloud and MIYO API.

From now on, all systems will be delivered with software version 2.0, so that MIYO will make the irrigation management of your garden even smarter in the future, while saving water and protecting the soil and plants.

Support for upgrading older cubes is available via email at For technical reasons, the update is not possible for all cubes in the field with this version jump. For these cubes we offer a free update if you send us the cube.

Have fun in your smart garden


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