Sowing calendar vegetable garden

Every spring the garden calls - to enjoy and to sow. Our sowing calendar tells you when which vegetables are best sown and harvested. This means you can make optimal use of the vegetable beds all year round.

What else should you pay attention to when growing vegetables?

To ensure that your vegetables are juicy and crunchy, you should vary the varieties grown in the same location and take into account the different needs of nutrients from the soil. So you start in the first year with vegetables that have high nutritional requirements. These include, for example, tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, pumpkin, cabbage and cucumbers. The following year carrots and fennel are very suitable. In the third year the soil is already exhausted, so it's best to plant frugal onions or radishes, for example. The need for fertilizer and compost also varies depending on the types of vegetables grown.

After three years, it is recommended to let the soil rest for a season so that the nutrient content recovers and the cycle can be restarted.

You can download our sowing calendar free of charge here.


Note: The information in our sowing calendar refers to Central Europe and may therefore differ in other countries and regions.