Vegetable garden sowing calendar

Get the free sowing calendar for your vegetable garden

Every spring we start something new - off to the beds and into the sowing. We have a range of vegetables for you all year round sowing calendar summarized. This way you can see at a glance when which vegetables need to be sown and harvested and you can also make optimal use of the vegetable area throughout the year.

What else should you pay attention to when growing vegetables?

You should pay attention to the order of the vegetables that are grown in the same place. The reason for this is that different vegetables require different amounts of nutrients from the soil. In order to ensure that your vegetables bloom splendidly and taste juicy or crispy at the end, you start in the first year with vegetables that require a high nutrient content. These include, for example, pumpkins, cabbages and cucumbers. The following year Carrots and fennel are great. In the third year The soil is already quite depleted, but it still has enough nutrients to plant onions and radishes, for example.

After three years, it is usually recommended to let the soil rest for a season so that the nutrient content increases again and the cycle can be restarted. You can download our sowing calendar free of charge here.


A notice: The information in our sowing calendar refers to the area of ​​Austria and can therefore deviate from the climate in other countries and regions.