MIYO Starter Set XXL - 3 irrigation areas

Sale price$755.26 USD

MIYO Starter Set is the basis for your intelligent, radio-based irrigation system. The Starter Set XXL contains all the equipment you need to start your smart garden with three irrigation areas.

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This is how MIYO technology works

MIYO is the first irrigation system that supplies plants with water “as needed” and can be controlled and monitored at any time and from any location via a smartphone app. MIYO doesn't control the time, but rather the soil moisture. MIYO consists of a central control unit, the cube, which is usually connected to the Internet, as well as sensors and valves. All MIYO components are connected to each other via radio.

The sensors and valves are solar charged, eliminating the need to change batteries and the risk of failure due to empty batteries. The sensors measure soil moisture, brightness and temperature in the garden, so the cube optimizes irrigation based on the weather forecast and the garden settings. Valves connected to the water outlet finally start irrigation. Through smart irrigation, MIYO saves water and protects soil and plants by preventing overwatering.

Requirements for operation:

  • LAN connection with internet access 
  • 230V socket
  • Water pipe and garden hose, each with standard hose connection
  • Optional: Smart Home System 

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 Cube
  • 3 valves
  • 3 sensors