MIYO - concentrated (lawn) explosive power

MIYO, the smart garden irrigation system, rises like a phoenix from the ashes and continues to advance pioneering technology.

The corona crisis is a challenge on various levels for many companies. viRaTec, the creative think tank for future-oriented IoT solutions, is once again swimming against the current and celebrating a comeback instead of having to register short-time work. A customer who was enthusiastic about MIYO saw the potential in the company and in the product and this summer bought the majority stake in viRaTec GmbH. With bundled know-how, full operation will be resumed immediately.


MIYO fans and loyal existing customers now have reason to cheer, because their needs-based, sustainable and visually appealing irrigation solution for the garden or terrace will also be available in the future with all the usual features. In 2020, the end customers will therefore be the focus of the viRaTec
Teams. “The smart home market, which is making people's everyday lives increasingly easier, more convenient and more sustainable, is growing at breakneck speed. For us it will be
Southern European market will ensure increasing sales in the next few years
want to address specifically from now on. We have learned a lot from the past and are now starting at full throttle into the future, ”explains MIYO inventor and viRaTec founder Roland Grösslich together with his colleague Reiner Heineck.


Especially in times when continuously adapted measures to contain the spread of the corona virus hardly allow big leaps, people strive to make themselves really nice at home - we all have the pictures of the stormed hardware stores in mind. MIYO irrigates flowers, plants and the lawn based on demand and automatically and gives our green roommates water when they really need it. The water consumption is optimized depending on the default settings, requirements and the weather forecast. When it comes to the power supply it is also called “Think green”. MIYO does not waste batteries and uses the precious energy of the sun. For the entire MIYO
Community, the current very positive developments are also a sign that sustainable and future-oriented technology remains stable even in times of crisis. Let's be happy together!

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