About Us

Who is behind MIYO


The MIYO technology was developed in Vienna from May 2016 and has been widely sold on the market since 2018. The system has won several innovation awards.

In June 2022, the company's operations were taken over by Nauticast GmbH, also from Vienna.

Our values

We have set ourselves the goal of setting new standards in points with MIYO 

  • ecological sustainability and resource conservation,
  • responsible production,
  • Functionality and
  • User friendliness,
to set. MIYO is already unique in its combination of solar charging, intelligent irrigation management with soil moisture monitoring and the app, which enables easy operation with great functionality. We are constantly working to further optimize and expand the system.    

    The company

    Nauticast GmbH has been active as a provider of electronics for many years and has decades of expertise in the areas of radio, microelectronics and sensors. 

    We will use this expertise to further improve MIYO technology and expand the range of sensors and actuators.

    If you would like more information or have feedback about MIYO, please contact us at support@miyo.garden .

    Vincent Janik

    Managing Director

    T: +43 (1) 5237237 - 200

    AND: janik@miyo.garden