Pearl hose, 15m including connection fittings

Sale price$31.25 USD

The targeted and economical irrigation of rows of plants and edge plantings is REHAU's specialty Pearl tube made from recycled material. By dispensing it drop by drop, you can save up to 70% water.
The REHAU Pearl tube works with low water pressure and can be laid above or below ground. 
It is delivered with fittings ready for connection.
With the help of a water stop, the hose can be easily lengthened and shortened.


  • Can be extended by water stop without additional part
  • Can be installed above or below ground
  • Can be shortened individually
  • Can be extended up to a maximum of 50 m
  • No earth removal on slopes
  • Functions even at the lowest water pressure (0.5 bar)
  • Water consumption at 0.5 bar approx. 3-4 liters/m/h