MIYO valve 1V-20

Sale price$107.45 USD

With a MIYO valve you can expand your irrigation system at any time. MIYO optimizes the water consumption of your plants depending on presets, requirements, weather forecast and optional notifications from the smart home. No batteries need to be replaced as the valve and sensor are powered exclusively by solar energy.

MIYO can be operated autonomously or controlled via your smartphone.

Optionally, you can connect MIYO to an existing smart home system.

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The MIYO Valve 1V-20 opens or closes the water flow for an outlet. The energy supply is ensured by the solar panel and the integrated battery. 

With the 3/4 inch connection, the valve can be easily connected to all common water connections.

Inlet: G 3/4" IT
Outlet: G 3/4" AG

Width: 56mm
Height: 120mm
Depth: 100mm

Weight: 250g

Requirements for operation:

  • Water pipe and garden hose, each with standard quick-release fastener.
  • Cube is present and connected.
  • MIYO app is installed.

 Scope of delivery:

  • 1 Valve 1V-20