MIYO Starter Valve Set - 1 irrigation area

Sale price$214.07 USD

The starter valve set is suitable for areas or gardens that need to be watered time-controlled or manually via the app. Since there is no sensor, soil moisture is not taken into account. Of course, individual time-controlled areas can be expanded with a sensor at any time and thus made intelligent. The MIYO starter valve set can be used to supply an irrigation area.

You can find more information in the FAQ

The valves are solar charged, which means there is no need to change batteries and there is no risk of failure due to empty batteries.

Requirements for operation:

  • LAN connection with internet access
  • 230V socket
  • Water pipe and garden hose, each with standard hose connection
  • Optional: Smart Home System

 Scope of delivery:  
  • 1 Cube
  • 1 Valve