MIYO Ventil

Sale price$109.24 USD

You can expand your irrigation system at any time with a MIYO valve. MIYO optimizes the water consumption of your plants depending on presettings, needs, weather forecast and optional notifications from the smart home. No batteries need to be replaced since the valve and sensor are powered exclusively by solar energy.

MIYO can be operated autonomously or controlled via your smartphone.

Optionally, you can connect MIYO to an existing smart home system.

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The valve is connected to the cube via the wireless network and opens or closes the water flow for an irrigation area. The power supply is provided exclusively by the built-in solar panel. The integrated battery stores the energy generated.

Multiple valves can be used in one irrigation area (per sensor). A valve can be operated with or without a sensor. However, without a sensor, the valve is limited in its intelligence and therefore only works time-controlled. 

Requirements for operation:

  • Water pipe and garden hose, each with standard hose connection.
  • Cube is present and connected.
  • MIYO app is installed.

 Scope of delivery:

  • 1 Valve