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MIYO double valve 2V-20


MIYO technology - solar powered and water saving

MIYO is the first intelligent solar irrigation system. It supplies plants with optimal water and can be controlled and monitored at any time and from any location via a smartphone app. MIYO consists of a central control device, the cube, which is usually connected to the Internet, as well as sensors and valves. Sensors measure soil moisture, brightness and temperature in the garden. Valves connected to the water outlet open and close the water flow. All MIYO components are connected to each other via radio. 

The sensors and valves are charged solar, which means there is no need to change batteries and there is no risk of failure due to empty batteries. 

Irrigation can be initiated in 3 different ways:

  • manually via smartphone 
  • in predefined time windows
  • in MIYO mode automatically by the cube depending on soil moisture, weather forecast and garden settings

Through smart irrigation, MIYO saves water and protects soil and plants by preventing overwatering.

    The cube and thus the entire MIYO system can also be controlled via an API interface from various smart home systems.

    You can find more information in the FAQ


    The MIYO Double Valve 2V-20 opens or closes the water flow for its two outlets. The outlets can be assigned to one or two different irrigation areas. The energy supply is ensured by the extra-large solar panel and the integrated battery. 

    With the 3/4 inch connection, the valve can be easily connected to all common water connections.

    Water quantity: > 30 l/min (at 3 bar water pressure) 

    Inlet: G 3/4" IT
    Outlet: 2x G 3/4" AG

    Width: 139mm
    Height: 125mm
    Depth: 48mm

    Weight: 350g

    Requirements for operation:

    • Water pipe with G 3/4" connection or adapter to G 3/4", garden hose with adapter for G 3/4" external thread.
    • Cube is present and connected. Cube firmware version 2.0 or higher.
    • MIYO app installed on the mobile phone.

     Scope of delivery:

    • 1 double valve 2V-20