Rehau drip hose 16mm, 50m, including connection set


The REHAUdrip hosecan be used both above and below ground and ensures an even distribution of water to the plants. The built-in, pressure-compensated droppers are a combination of labyrinth and silicone membrane.  The distance between the droppers is 30 cm.


  • 50 m roll of drip hose
  • Outer diameter 16 mm
  • 1x Hahnan­schluss
  • 1x T-connector 16 mm
  • 1x Endstopfen 16 mm
  • 1x hose nozzle 16 mm x 21 mm (1/2″) male thread (for connection to the tap connection).

Manufacturer: Rehau
Manufacturer part number: 12025941