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Our mission

You enjoy your garden and MIYO does the rest.

When it comes to watering, gardening enthusiasts could only choose between two alternatives: manual garden watering with a watering can and garden hose versus automatic garden watering using a programmable timer. The intelligent smart garden innovation MIYO supplies all green areas fully automatically, environmentally friendly and "needs-based" with the precious water.

Flowers, vegetable patches, lawns, hedges, shrubs and trees often suffer a lot because they either get too much or too little water or were simply watered at the wrong time. MIYO is 100% based on the needs of your plants.

Smart Garden Solutions - what we mean by that

Innovative, fast and in tune with the times: The young start-up company viRaTec GmbH sees itself as a creative think tank for future-oriented IoT solutions and has excellent opportunities with its current product innovation MIYO to become an important player in the booming smart garden segment.

In order to further advance technical progress with fully automated Smart Garden components, the focus is on international marketing of the core product MIYO together with partners in 2019. Because the smart home market, which is supposed to make people's everyday lives increasingly easier, more convenient and more sustainable, is growing at breakneck speed.

In addition to the classic end customers, the B2B area for the future marketing of the empirically obtained soil data is also in focus. The resulting optimization of water consumption in the age of climate change could make a decisive contribution to lowering the costs of water supply for the general public.

The company viRaTec

The smart garden company viRaTec GmbH, founded in May 2016 by Roland Grösslich and Alexander Lampret in Vienna, has set itself the goal of bringing the smart home into the garden. Various distinctions and awards line the company's path so far. The orientation of viRaTec GmbH serves to develop a relevant and sustainable market position in the smart garden sector.

Our values

  • economic sustainability
  • environmental sustainability
  • responsible production

The team

Roland Grösslich Geschäftsführer CFO viraTec

Roland Grösslich
Managing Director, COO


Roland Grösslich came up with the idea for MIYO. As a lateral thinker with passion and against the background of the innovative sales strategist and process optimizer, he is responsible for the entire company as managing director.

In order to lay the foundation for his personal change, he studied international project management and innovation management. So he could bring his knowledge up to date. Roland began his sales career in the field service of an insurance company in the mid-1990s. His rise to an experienced sales strategist was accompanied by his voluntary management work at one of the world's largest NPOs. Now, more than 20 years later, it was time to break out of this hamster wheel and found and build a company according to his ideas. He is considered a specialist in the field of designing sales campaigns and optimizing recruiting strategies in sales. During his decades of voluntary work, he has also distinguished himself as a tactics and logistics expert. When he describes it as his greatest challenge to bring the concepts of empowerment, innovation and error culture to life with content, then you can see at first glance that success cannot only be measured in sales results. Rather, the company's sustainability will be the yardstick for success.

 Reiner Heineck Geschäftsführer CEO viRaTec

Reiner Heineck
Managing Director, CEO


Reiner Heineck will strengthen the team as managing director from mid-2020. His background as a business economist and executive coach is a valuable addition to our team.

After his time as Director Human Resources in the pharmaceutical sector, Reiner Heineck started his own business in the areas of executive coaching, process support / change management, team development, executive development and coaching. His experience and his network are a valuable asset for the team around MIYO.


Arthur Suchan Office Management viraTec

Arthur Suchan
logistics & customer service, office management


Arthur Suchan is the helping hand at viRaTec. Due to his professional experience, he takes care of the areas of office management, logistics and customer service and is also available with advice and action in other areas.

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