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What's behind MIYO

Your Smart Garden

You enjoy your garden and MIYO does the rest.

Until now, garden enthusiasts could only choose between two alternatives when it came to watering: Manual garden watering with a watering can and garden hose versus automatic garden watering using a programmable timer. The intelligent Smart Garden innovation MIYO supplies all green areas with the precious water fully automatically, environmentally friendly and "as needed".

Flowers, vegetable beds, lawns, hedges, shrubs and trees often suffer greatly because they either get too much or too little water or were simply watered at the wrong time. MIYO is 100% oriented towards the needs of your plants.

MIYO brings intelligent and reliable innovations to your garden. We pay special attention to the ease of use of the systems. Intelligent functions do not require complex operation.


The MIYO technology was developed in Vienna as of May 2016 and has been sold on the market many times since 2019. The system has been awarded several innovation prizes.

In June 2022, after economic problems, the company was taken over by Nauticast GmbH, also from Vienna.

Our values

  • environmental sustainability
  • responsible production

The company

Nauticast GmbH has been active as a supplier of marine electronics for many years. Technologically, there is a lot of overlap with MIYO technology, as Nauticast has had expertise in radio, microelectronics and sensor technology for decades. 

We will use this expertise to further improve the MIYO technology and expand the range of sensors and actuators.

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Vincent Janik

Managing Director

T: +43 (1) 5237237 - 200

E: janik@miyo.garden