Smart home

Only we are really smart in the garden!

Innovative smart home solutions around the world are making life within your own four walls increasingly easier and more comfortable. Whether lighting, heating, security, television or modern voice assistants - more and more intelligently coordinated systems are exchanging and functioning fully automatically in a network. Why should technical progress actually end at the outer wall of our houses? We connect your garden to your existing smart home system.


The extensively documented plugin sets up a websocket interface to the MIYO Cube and sends the messages received via it to the Loxone miniserver in a format that is easy for Loxone to process.

Details about MIYO & Loxone in the LoxWiki 







Above all, it is owed to the express wishes of our customers that MIYO or irrigation can now also be switched on and off via the voice control assistant Google Home. Once activated by saying the words “Ok Google” or “Hey Google”, you can use your voice to transmit a corresponding command to the assistant. We want to make life a little easier for our customers and make their smart home even more efficient.



With just a few clicks you can see how your garden is doing directly on the smart PLACE panel. Observe or actively control - just as you like. Thanks to a simple integration, this is possible at any time.

Details can be found here





Do you want to connect your system to MIYO?

There are those here Documentation of our API

Are you a system provider, business developer or software developer?

Then contact us by email or telephone for an interface description.

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