The feedback from our customers counts

viRaTec, the pioneering technology company behind the smart irrigation system MIYO, needs support. More precisely, we want to know your opinion! With our new feedback tool "Trustpilot", the evaluation of our company and customer service is now possible online.

MIYO, the fully automatic and needs-oriented irrigation system from viRaTec, is heading into the future with renewed momentum. This is especially good news for our existing customers and MIYO fans, for whom we want to continue to provide only the best service. In order to be able to respond to individual requests in the best possible way, your opinion is very important to us. We don't just want to get a boost in motivation, we also want to know where there is room for improvement. The following link leads directly to our quickly completed evaluation form on Trustpilot: (link)


Above all, with honest criticism, we can further optimize our processes and make them as customer-friendly as possible. As a rating platform, we chose Trustpilot, one of the largest of its kind with more than 750,000 reviews for online retailers and portals per month. To date, 26 million reviews have been submitted on Trustpilot for over 152,000 companies around the world. The feedback from our customers is also particularly important in order to offer future MIYO customers the opportunity to obtain transparent information about products and services from viRaTec.


MIYO, the smart garden irrigation system rises like a phoenix from the ashes and continues to advance the future-oriented technology. viRaTec, the creative think tank for progressive IoT solutions, is once again swimming against the current and celebrating a comeback. A customer enthusiastic about MIYO saw the potential in the company and this summer bought the majority share in viRaTec GmbH. Full operation is resumed with bundled know-how. MIYO is available to its fans as usual and with all features. So that we can continue to improve with new strength, we look forward to your reviews. Thank you!

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