MIYO has reason to celebrate

MIYO and viRaTec have reason to celebrate

On March 22, we celebrate World Water Day to draw attention to the importance of water as the basis of life for mankind. In addition, the MIYO smart irrigation system has another big success to announce!

Due to the worldwide water consumption, which has increased tenfold in the last 100 years, water shortage and an unequal distribution of drinking water are omnipresent issues. This is why UNESCO launched World Water Day in 1993 - with the aim of drawing attention to the importance of water for us humans. Because water is a valuable resource that should be used responsibly.

MIYO irrigates sustainably, conserving resources

Currently, many automatic irrigation systems are programmed to be weather-independent. This means that they always water at fixed times and unfortunately regardless of whether it is raining or the sun is shining. In addition, garden watering controllers traditionally know only two measures: Water or no water. This means that the garden irrigation cannot be stopped in places where no water is needed, nor can it continue to water where plants actually need more water.
MIYO addresses precisely these problems. With its sophisticated sensors, the smart irrigation system can precisely measure the moisture in the soil and therefore knows exactly whether and in which areas of the garden more water is needed. Thus, the system can pour out the perfect amount of water and use this vital resource for us as efficiently as possible. To ensure that MIYO really only irrigates when it is necessary, a sophisticated sensor control system is used. Unlike its time-controlled competitors, the MIYO system does not simply skip watering times: In addition to the soil moisture, the soil condition, as well as the weather forecast, also influence the watering time. The watering itself is also started on the basis of these measured values and not when the time of day dictates. Watering the garden and saving water do not have to be contradictory.

"So our MIYO reduces water consumption on the one hand and on the other hand, with the power supply via solar, you can defend yourself against the battery madness. In Austria, one assumes half a million pieces of batteries per year, which disappear only in electronics for gardens. That adds up to well over 100 kilograms of CO2 equivalent," explains the management. In addition to batteries, MIYO also does without wiring thanks to radio communication. In contrast to many other smart irrigation systems, no networking of the entire garden, with WLAN, is necessary for ongoing operation. Internet access is only required for installation. In addition, MIYO offers its owners the option of accessing the smart irrigation system worldwide via a cloud connection. And even amateur meteorologists get their money's worth, because with the extensive statistics function of the MIYO app, all values of the soil sensor can be graphically displayed and evaluated in a history diagram. MIYO is also ahead of the competition in this respect.

Patent Office confirms: MIYO is a technological pioneer in the field of Smart Garden

Since the beginning of March it is official: After the long waiting period of almost 18 months, two patent applications were approved by the German Patent and Trademark Office. The MIYO system is thus officially a technological pioneer in the field of Smart Garden and can shine with the most sophisticated inventions for intelligent irrigation. 

The technology currently used in MIYO is the only one of its kind. Simply explained, MIYO uses one supply line (a tap) to control several areas fully automatically one after the other. The newly patented pipe system has a separate valve for each of these flow paths, which can be blocked or released to keep the water pressure stable. MIYO decides independently on this safety circuit and staggers the valve opening fully automatically.

The second patent, approved and already published, will be found in MIYO's next generation of products. We listened carefully to our customers and realized the following: Our current sensor sticks out of the ground, which is great for beds of all kinds, but not so great for lawns, where you can't mow without restrictions. This requirement will be met in the future with a new sensor that is flush with the ground. Its solar surface will be perfectly flush with the turf thanks to an inclination of only 5 to 10 degrees, giving the lawn mower a clear path and still cleaning itself, as the water can drain away optimally. 

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