MIYOS hibernation

The temperatures are getting colder and the garden is in hibernation. For MIYO, the smart and fully automatic irrigation system, it is now time to think about hibernation. We have summarized what to look out for.

Plant lovers take the final wintering measures in late autumn, shelter their green roommates, wrap pots and take important precautions to avoid frost damage. In order to bring MIYO safely through the cold season, all mobile devices, i.e. the sensor and the valve, must be dismantled from an outside temperature of 4 ° C and wintered in the house. As soon as the sensor measures a temperature of 4 ° C, the MIYO app automatically sends a warning that it will soon be time for wintering. At a temperature of 0 ° C, an error message also indicates that sensors and valves really need to be removed. As soon as MIYO is safely put into winter, winter mode must be activated in the app in the settings of each irrigation area. This puts the devices into an energy-saving mode that, with the help of the batteries, lasts for several months without having to be recharged.

How do I deactivate MIYOS sensor before winter?

First, winter mode must be activated in the app for each irrigation area. Then carefully pull the floor sensor out of the floor. The floor sensor should be stored during the winter months in a dry place and at plus degrees.

How do I deactivate MIYOS valve before winter?

As a first step, the water supply for the garden must be turned off and the valve dismantled. Second, activate winter mode in the app for each irrigation area. But be careful, this will open the valve! The device should then be stored dry and also at plus temperatures.

How do I deactivate MIYOS Cube before winter?

When MIYOS valves and sensors are supplied for the winter, the Cube can simply be disconnected from its power supply. All settings are saved locally even without a power supply.

After MIYO has supplied its beloved plants with water in a sustainable and needs-based manner all summer long, the rest phase in winter is well deserved. The cold season is also ideal for thinking about the individual garden design and developing new ideas for the coming season. We at viRaTec are of course still available for all questions about fully automatic irrigation regardless of the weather and are working on better and better solutions for a smart garden.

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