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MIYO with Google Home and LOXONE

MIYO conquers Google Home & now also runs with LOXONE

Finally there is - the possibility of having only one sensor in a garden area. No automatic watering, just control. Thanks to the latest integrations MIYO is now au...

MIYO Profiplan from the garden watering expert

MIYO Profiplan - Planning by the garden irrigation professional!

You never want to think about watering again and always water your beloved plants sustainably and as needed? But you don't know where and how to start? MIYO has now developed a holistic...

Spring fever at MIYO

Spring fever at MIYO

As soon as the first warm rays of sunshine bring nature out of hibernation, it is also high time to make the garden and balcony fit for spring. The MIYO smart irrigation system also has...

MIYO and viRaTec have reason to celebrate

MIYO has reason to celebrate

On March 22, we celebrate World Water Day to draw attention to the importance of water as the basis of life for mankind. In addition, the MIYO smart irrigation system has another...