MIYO conquers Google Home & now also runs with LOXONE

MIYO with Google Home and LOXONE

Finally it exists - the possibility to have only one sensor in one garden area. No automatic watering, just control. Thanks to the latest integrations, MIYO is now controllable via Loxone and Google Home . This makes gardening easier for millions of users and, thanks to the sensible use of resources, is another step towards climate protection.

New Smart Garden function

The intelligent smart garden innovation MIYO supplies green spaces fully automatically, environmentally friendly and as needed. In order to keep full control over the soil moisture in raised beds and potted plants, there is now a new function that only allows sensors to be connected to the MIYO app and the corresponding data to be determined. This means that you always know exactly when the soil is dry there, too. This makes manual watering possible without unnecessarily consuming the valuable resource of water.

As of now, MIYO therefore offers four combination options and functions.TheCube, the "brain" of the MIYO garden watering system, always acts as the central interface:

  1. A sensor measures data such as soil moisture, temperature and brightness and forwards it to the valve for fully automatic watering.
  2. One sensormeasures the relevant data and several valves control the irrigation of several water lines and garden areas as required.
  3. Only one valve (without sensor) can be controlled and remotely operated with the MIYO app.
  4. Only an energy-autonomous sensortransmits its measurement data to the MIYO app. The irrigation of the respective plants and areas is then carried out manually depending on the need or status of the soil moisture.

The MIYO Plugin for LOXONE

In our home and garden, an average of 150 home automation and consumer electronics devices are controlled these days. None of the devices knows exactly whatthe other is doing or what the occupant wants.

With Loxone Smart Home on the other hand, everything is controlled from a central heart, a small miniserver. The system behind Loxone takes care of most tasks around security, comfort and energy efficiency by itself and has done so millions of times for many years. A MIYO fan and tech-savvy customer has programmed a plugin for easy operation and integration with Loxone and has made it available as open source for all MIYO owners. Detailed instructions for installation are also available online here. The plugin, programmed and documented in detail by our customer, establishes a websocket interface to the MIYO cube and sends the messages received via it to the Loxone miniserver in a format that can be easily processed by Loxone. These messages for the MIYO irrigation system, received by the miniserver via UDP (minimal, connectionless network protocols), are received by the plugin and in turn forwarded to the cube via websocket.

Thus, not only the data from the MIYO system (such as temperature or soil moisture, or the status of the valves) can be visualized or processed in Loxone, but also the irrigation valves can be controlled by their own logics within Loxone.

MIYO conquers Google Home

Itis primarily due to theexpress wishes ofour customers that MIYO or the irrigation can now also be switched on and off via the voice control assistant Google Home. Once activated by saying the words "Ok Google" or "Hey Google", you can transmit a corresponding command to the assistant with your voice. We want to make our customers' lives even easier and their smart homes even more efficient.

Curious now? Then it's time for a visit to our Smart Garden Shop. Here you can find everything for your smart garden.

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