Lawn maintenance in summer? With MIYO you know how!

Proper lawn care is particularly important in summer to prevent yellow and brown stains from forming on the green carpet. We have summarized for you which to-do's are pending and which mistakes can be avoided:

Lots of sun stimulates the lawn to make big jumps. It grows particularly vigorously at the beginning of the hot season. In summer, lawn care should primarily focus on protecting the lawn from drying out or extreme heat. Regularly shortening the green space gains density and resilience, but be careful: blades of grass that are cut too short mean that the soil dries out faster and unloved weeds can spread.

  • As a rule of thumb, decorative lawns should be cut to 2-3 cm, play and sports lawns to 3-4 cm.

Mowing properly

Ideally, you should unpack the lawnmower once a week and drive it over the entire green area. If the grass has grown a little higher on holiday, please mow only gradually to normal height. At very high temperatures, the stalks can be a bit longer because this reduces evaporation. So the grass has a better water balance and burns cannot occur in the first place. If regular, manual lawn mowing is too troublesome for you, the following tip is recommended: Modern robotic lawnmowers help to mow lawns effortlessly and regardless of weather conditions or terrain.

Watering properly

Many hobby gardeners make the mistake of watering too often but not enough at the same time. Daily watering can even damage the lawn. But let's go step by step:

  • The very best time to water is early in the morning. In direct sunlight, firstly, the lawn cannot absorb moisture well and, secondly, the water evaporates very quickly and cannot penetrate into the roots. This can result in unsightly, yellow spots.
    But the ground is also cool in the evening, so more water can be absorbed and less evaporates. In addition, you protect the green from burning, because the sensitive stalks are not damaged by the burning glass effect of the water droplets and the moisture can be well distributed in the soil overnight.
  • Correct watering is particularly important in dry phases. However, the grasses should not be constantly wet, as this would make them more susceptible to disease. However, if too little water is added, the roots will recede and have less access to the moisture in the soil. So that all roots get enough water, 10 to 15 liters per square meter should be watered.
  • In addition, the watering of the lawn also depends on the location, the nature of the soil and the immediate surroundings. If there are trees and shrubs nearby, they also draw water from the grass plants. The rainfall rate in the region and the type of soil also require different amounts of water.

And this is where MIYO comes in. As is well known, the smart irrigation system optimizes the water consumption of your plants fully automatically and taking into account presettings, requirements and weather forecast. In addition, the freely placeable, solar-powered sensors continuously measure local parameters such as soil moisture, brightness and near-ground temperature in the garden. This environmental data is then evaluated by a central control unit which, depending on the weather forecast and personal settings, independently decides when and how much needs to be watered. Valves connected to the tap and supplied with solar power receive these commands immediately and finally clear the way for needs-based and environmentally friendly irrigation. The amount of water is also checked! When enough water has seeped deep enough, the irrigation switches off automatically. This is how easy it is to ensure optimal lawn care is fully automatic and MIYO helps avoid mistakes.

Fertilize properly

In addition to mowing and watering, efficient lawn care in summer also includes the right fertilization. In the hot season, the nutrients in the spring fertilizer are mostly used up. The lawn should now be supported with a long-term lawn fertilizer specially formulated for the summer. This also makes it more durable and the fertilizer helps it regulate the water balance. In the case of solid and acidic soils, lime and humic acids should also be sprinkled.
In addition, the quality is crucial! Cheap fertilizers unfortunately only stimulate growth for a short time and do not provide the grass with enough nutrients in the long term. By the way, the ideal time to fertilize is a cloudy morning with rain still to come. If this is not possible, the evening should be chosen as the time and then properly watered.

We hope you enjoy implementing our tips and suggestions!


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